The focus of 3DmetDie is on the material forming processes that involve the heat transfer, mainly the follwoing processes:
  • High Pressure Die Casting
  • Low Pressure Die Casting
  • Gravity Die Casting
  • Hot forming of Ultra High Strength Steel
  • Plastique Injection Moulding 
  • Forming of Thermoset and Thermoplastic Composites
3DmetDie is your right partner to:
  • increase the productivity
  • reduce energy and production costs
  • make more environmentally friendly process
  • make 4.0 manufacturing
  • resolve specific tooling problems
  • resolve tool related productivity problems
  • form productively of new materials
  • form thinner and more complex geometries 
  • form functionally graded components
  • help in desinging tool for 3Dprinting
  • resolve other tool related  problems
  • help in performing reliable simulation of forming process

  • form your engineers and operators to fight relevantly on the tool related problems
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