For the next decades, integration of the concept of 4.0 is not only a question of formability and the productivity, but also the survival of the components manufacturers in this new era of the industry. 3DmetDie has been addressing the related challenges through developing the following advanced technologies:


Advanced methodology for design & simulation

3DmetDie has developed, based on the large expertise and highly skilled experts on thermal modelling and tool manufacturing, a methodology of simulation through finding and introducing the interdependent relationships of the governing variables. The methodology allows designing safely breakthrough cooling systems, locally controllableto reduce the cycle time, thermal fatigue, and the scrap generation and avoid the catastrophic failure of the tools and moulds. It is promising methodology to design functional tools, including with 3Dprinting to make thin and functionally graded components.


Innovative sensors and Instrumentations strategies

3DmetDie develops and uses very advanced methodology to design and manufacture the miniaturised pertinent multifunction sensors able to correctly measure temperatures and targeted parameters in extremely fast transfer regime and adapted to the dynamic of a given manufacturing process. The sensors are associated with a strategy, driven from the advanced simulation methodology, of instrumentation, along with creating and calibrating virtual sensors to cover sensible zones of the tool surface where physical instrumentation is not possible.


Data monitoring and the related algorithms for Machine Learning

The team of 3DmetDie is pioneer in embedding the tools with smart sensors to capture and monitor in real time the process governing parameters. Through two decades of expertise, taking advantage of the big amount of data generated, promising algorithms have been developed to optimise the working condition of the tools, increase the process productivity and interconnecting the governing variables, including the product quality. 3DmetDie uses this expertise and technologies, advanced metallurgy skill and other new technologies to introduce the concept of 4.0 through capitalising the latest developments in the concepts of Machine Learning and the Internet of Things (IoT).